Band Bios

Judy Mas-Smith
Judy Smith started her musical career when she was 20 years old in her home town in the Philippines. It was in the local bars and restaurants she began performing lounge and pop songs.  She took her act on the road and went to Seoul, Korea  where she expanded her repertoire to include not only classic American and Philippine pop and alternative music, but also Korean and Japanese music.  Upon meeting her soulmate Matthew, she married and came to America, where she picked up the tempo and started to rock with Country and Classic rock songs.  When she isn't singing her heart out with Smith & Session, she is busy being with her family, cooking up a delicious storm on a regular basis, and exploring Arizona with the ones she loves.  

Buddy Koetje 
Guitar has always been Buddy's passion. He received his first electric guitar at age 13. He spent those first months learning to play songs by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and just kept on rocking his way through the radio hits and B-sides ever since. Although most of Buddy's music style is based on Rock n Roll, he enjoys playing anything if the beat is right and the song fun to play. When he actually puts down his guitar for a break, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and being outdoors.  Buddy lives in Mesa with his lovely wife Cheryl, who allows band practices at their house and who is at all his shows, watching him do what he loves- playing great music to a live crowd.

Steve Neilson
Born and raised surfing the beaches of Southern California, Steve found his interest in music early on, starting with the clarinet in Jr High school.  At his first introduction to the Beatles and Rolling Stones albums, the clarinet was put aside for the guitar as a teenager. Steve rocked with a some garage bands early on, but put his music on pause to serve in the Military and build a career in the Aerospace business while he raised a family.  Once the kids grew up, he heard and answered the call of his guitar once again, forming a classic rock band that played throughout Southern California. He and his wife retired to Chandler, AZ, where he kept playing. Steve enjoys all types of music, from blues to rock to country, and if he isn't playing music, he is playing sports, riding his Harley, or home spending quality time with his family and friends.

Feeling the freedom of retirement, Phil was not ready to spend his nights quietly at home.  Hearing Smith and Session' old bass player was moving to Minnesota, he tried out and, well, his awesome character and even more splendid bass playing had Smith and Session signing him up!  Him and his beautiful wife Martha are the newest bright spot on and off stage for the Smith and Session family. 

Danny Anderson
Danny was born into a musical family, with his father being a jazz pianist and his mother having played drums and percussion through school. Danny started playing music on the violin but then saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  He wanted to be Ringo, and so fashioned a drum kit out of an ironing board and some tom toms.  He was playing to every 45 record he could lay his hands on when a friend invited him to play on a real trap set.  Danny started rocking out at full volume, warming up with house parties, just him and his buddy, and going on to play in several bands.  While his work as a specialist painter keeps him busy during work days, he enjoys pounding the skins on weekends with Smith & Session. When he isn't making music, he kicks back watching football on Sundays with the guys and likes going out with friends. No matter what the week, though, Danny just loves finding his way back to his drums.   

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